Make-up and Margaritas


I believe that there is no better look then a fresh face. Don’t we all wish that we were born with perfect, glowing, sun-kissed skin? By using your natural beauty you can achieve this look. I have never been a fan of foundation, unlike most girls. I get that not all girls have the same skin type and some girls want more of a coverage, this can be achieved in many ways. Instead of caking on your foundation try these simple steps.

If using foundation…..

  • Apply moisturizer and/or face primer
  • Apply a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand
  • Using a makeup sponge mix a little less then half of what is on your hand with moisturizer to lessen the thickness
  • Add a few drops of illuminating highlighter do give you more of a dewy look
  • Next, using a damp makeup sponge apply lightly and evenly using a contouring technique that  frames your face

If you want less coverage…..

This is by far my favorite way to apply makeup to achieve an even skin tone.

Much like mixing your foundation to get a more sheer product, BB cream is an easier “pre-made” (if you will) cheap way to achieve the same look. BB can be found anywhere from Sephora to your local drugstore. Maybelline is my favorite brand for this product.

  • Apply a face primer
  • Apply evenly using a damp sponge
  • It’s as easy as that!

Image Image



Why eat your calories when you can drink them, right? There’s no greater feeling then hanging with your girlfriends while sipping on a frozen margarita. Here is a link to my favorite recipe for a delicious and somewhat nutritious frozen mango lime margarita. Enjoy!

Frozen Mango-Lime Margaritas



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